FPM International Awards for Medical Writing in Social Media

The Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine is partnering with its journals – Health Policy and Technology and the Postgraduate Medical Journal – to launch international awards for well-informed, clear writing on health matters in social media.

These new annual international awards are for medical or other health professional graduates from anywhere in the world.

Click here to go to the online entry form

or complete entry form at the foot of this page.

To be eligible for the FPM International Awards for Medical Writing in Social Media, an article or blog must be on health matters and written in English.

Entries for the award are free.

An entry should have been published online between 1st January 2019 and the closing date for the awards: 31st July 2020

To enter you need to provide the web address [URL] of your webpost, date of initial posting of the report, the website on which it is posted and a note that you have permission to submit the entry and that you have permission for the article to be republished ie you hold the copyright or have permission of the copyright holder.

There will be up to 5 prizes per year.

Each award winner will receive a £100 prize.

Award winners will also have winning content published in one of the FPM’s journals: either in Health Policy and Technology or in the Postgraduate Medical Journal.





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